The way we deal with stress influences the quality of our lives greatly. Whether it's the effect it has on our health, the way we deal with family, friends, or even how we interact with our boss. Stress doesn't have to be a negative experience. With learning the importance of a change in attitude, the negative effects of stress, whether physical or mental,  can be greatly reduced and  even eliminated. INSIDE & OUT seminars, workshops and consultations offer you new insight into your personal relationship to stress, how you react to it, how to change your mindset towards it and if needed, what you can do to reduce it- By teaching you effective tools such as learning how to change your perspective towards stress, innovative stress reduction exercises and tips that can help to greatly improve your sleep. INSIDE & OUT also looks into the importance of nutrition and general health, offering you a welcoming light at the end of the tunnel and a positive outlook for the future.
Seminar 7.- 8. October 2017 Sat.: 14.00 – 20.00 Sun.: 10.00 – 16.00 Location: Gingerbar, Bötzowstraße 14, 10407 Berlin Language: Deutsch Price: 250.00 Euro Early Bird rebatte (50.00 Euro rebatte for registrations before the 15th of August) Future Seminars in English and in German to be announced Consulations By Appointment Duration: 3 hours Language:English Price: 150.00 Euro
BIO Born and raised in Canada, I first came to Berlin in 1992 to visit a friend. Although I never planned to stay for long, my vacation led to a „living permit“, more friends and gainful employment. In 2001, after many years of trying out different jobs, I decided to take a medical massage course - I had always been passionate about bodywork & relaxation and wanted to know what it is like to be on the other end of the receiving line. I quickly discovered that massage therapy and relaxation were my passion, taking further courses in massage therapy and learning many different kinds of massage techniques.  In 2008, I decided to compliment my massage work with a formation as a relaxation therapist.  I still felt something was missing and after realising the importance of finding solutions to conflict, I then decided in 2013 to train as a mediator. 2014 became the year that I discovered teaching, training other relaxation therapists for the first time. I realised at that point how much I loved to empower people with knowledge, and was then recruited by a massage school to train other therapists. My motto is that „the more knowledge you have about yourself, the more empowered you will be“.